Bali's producer of premium tropical waterlily flowers.

Let Bali Waterlily Company bring your dreams to life with magnificent tropical waterlily flowers. We at Bali Waterlily Company take pride in every flower we grow for your special event. We grow both day-blooming and night-blooming waterlilies to order as well as lotus flowers, buds and pods.

Caring for Flowers

caring flowers sqTropical waterlily flowers are special!

Here are some tips to help you enjoy them at their best.

  • Waterlilies should be kept in water at ALL times
  • Use long-stemmed vases or cut the stems to fit the height of the vase using a sharp knife
  • Like Tulips, waterlily stems can bend overnight if too much of their length is left above water. To prevent this, keep as much as possible of each stem under water.
  • Day-blooming waterlilies need lots of light.  Flowers open in the morning in response to light and close at dusk.  If they struggle to open in the morning, place them in a brighter spot, preferably with direct sunlight.  In contrast, night-blooming waterlilies open after dark in the evening and close mid-morning.  But if anything, they are even more stunning than the day-blooming waterlilies.
If you have questions about caring for waterlilies, please contact us or download our flyer

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